Personal Power

Your personal power to produce an effect without forcing or directing the outcome.

High performing talent is always the best investment an organization can make in its future.

“Our experience and the results below highlight the benefits of investing in your high-performers.”

Kaufman & Mary Mavis

Karen Kaufman & Mary Mavis

We have co-created this ten-week coaching program for high-performing team leaders and individual contributors—in the critical middle of your organization.

Selection of participants is important. We recommend people who have:

  • Critical, challenging goals for 2023.
  • The need to influence peers, more senior leaders, or external stakeholders.
  • The motivation to grow into additional leadership effectiveness.


What 2022 participants are reporting on their results—

“Reaching further and wider across the organization with awareness and success to further drive cultural change and adoption.”

“Becoming a go-to person in my area of expertise.”

“Providing strategic and tactical guidance so that forward momentum on projects continues.”

“Bridging gaps while going through transitions—reducing stress.”

What their managers are reporting in their participant’s new effectiveness and results—

  • Promoted or a plan in place career for career advancement.
  • Far greater confidence in decision-making and being assertive in meetings.
    New ability to manage complex projects and relationships.
  • A broader vision of their impact on key results and strategic thinking.

So now we ask you—who in your group should work with us in 2023?

I would be happy to jump on a call to catch up and talk about this opportunity!

Personal Power and the Art of Influencing Without Authority 2022-23