Relationships are built one interaction– and one conversation— at a time.

The ability to convey clear, consistent, positive impressions is as essential to success as business expertise.

At KPartners, we are passionately committed to elevating professionals’ leadership presence.

By increasing awareness and learning to manage their impact on others, our clients build self-confidence, strengthen relationships, and achieve success.

In the Executive Presence for Team Growth® program, participants will:

Learn how their leadership presence is perceived by others.

Develop new tools to influence key relationship dynamics.

Gain confidence in navigating business and social situations.

Refine their executive appearance.

Be able to maintain composure under pressure.

Gain the ability to recognize and self-manage when emotionally triggered.

Develop an Executive Presence Action Plan to leverage assets and focus on needs.

Real Results

Program Details

Karen Kaufman, MSOD, President and Co- Founding Principal
David Grad, M.S., Executive Vice President