In this interview I share some tools and distinctions to get you into the right mindset to accelerate your career.

Making the Right Impression to Get the Business Results You Want

Interview with Karen Kaufman hosted by Alise Cortez, PhD

You are never perceived in a neutral way. You are always making an impression to yourself or to others on your ability to influence others. When meeting someone for the first time your appearance and demeanor have said it all. The questions to ask yourself are – do I have an accurate understanding of these impressions and are they really what I want to convey? And if I don’t like what I learn about how others perceive me, what can I do to change it and manage it to get the results I want? In this episode, we talk with an impressment management guru about what to focus on and how to improve the way you are perceived at work, as well as the link between impressions, business relationships, and performance at work.