How can health care providers build trust and intimacy with patients when you can’t shake their hand or put a stethoscope to their chest?

The Kaufman Partnership recently led a Provider Power Hour discussion on Asserting Your Virtual Professional Presence presented by the Philadelphia chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Here’s what we found when we polled the group:

More than half of the participating physicians, nurses, and administrators have increased their online interactions with patients and families by 50%.

But they reported that many patients feel they are not well-served by telehealth and don’t feel a good connection with their provider.

We were able to share insights about how to use your voice tone and facial expression to better communicate caring.

And we explained the Zoom tools that can help strengthen your connection with patients.

It was a rich and thoughtful conversation.

The good news: most providers are excited to learn more about how to make the most of virtual communication.

Since telehealth will only continue to grow, we are excited to help them!

Could your team of providers benefit from this discussion?