Closing the Performance Gap
through Impression and Relationship Management

A One Day Program for Professionals in a Manager’s Role

Closing the Performance Gap through Impression and Relationship ManagementFact: Positive impressions lead to improved relationships—and solid professional relationships stimulate staff engagement, retention, and performance.

Managers play a key leadership role in directing the efforts of others. In addition to possessing technical skills, managers must look beyond task coordination and become focused on developing their professional relationships. This involves more than meeting necessary organizational requirements and fulfilling the basic needs of their staff. Strong interpersonal skills, including being open and sensitive to colleagues, can help managers effectively clarify direction, communicate, and collaborate with their team members—building morale and increasing productivity and quality output.

Don and Karen Kaufman have designed a special one-day program on impression and relationship management, which they base on their extensive experience coaching managers and senior leaders. Past seminars have shown that people recognized the need to be more self-aware of the impressions they project to others, and participants have found that they can use these newly realized skills as a springboard for leadership.


Learning Outcomes from the Program:


In-House Program:

If you would like Karen and Don to bring their one-day program to your organization, the fee (including materials) is $12,500.00 for a maximum of 15 participants. Each person will be videotaped to initially identify his or her impression assets and needs. We recommend the participants be from different lines of service to enhance the collaborative nature of the program.



Karen KaufmanDon KaufmanKaren Kaufman and Don Kaufman along with Russ Kaufman,provide a safe, interactive and humorous environment that helps participants to learn and grow. Both Karen and Don have Masters Degrees in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and have been coaching and delivering programs for diverse organizations since the mid 1990s. Russ Kaufman is a retired plant manager and brings his comprehensive background in resource management and development to the program. The Kaufmans’ program on impression and relationship management typically supplements internal and external leadership programs. To offer this program as a supplement to your leadership program, please contact Karen Kaufman at 215-592-9709.

For all other inquiries, email