Intentional Leadership Communication - Open Enrollment

Intentional Leadership Communication - A One Day Program

How do you communicate as a leader?

Effective leaders know it's not just imperative to think strategically about their business. They understand that to be truly exceptional, able to inspire, influence and drive success, they must also think strategically about how they communicate.

The most successful organizations dedicate significant time and resources to developing strategies for communication that build trust, inspire action and positively influence key stakeholders. Imagine if you and your colleagues were to leverage the same proven techniques of strategic communication used by your organizations to accelerate your own leadership, strengthen your relationships and more clearly articulate your ideas. As a critical leadership function, your ability to communicate strategically is a powerful tool for inspiring others and achieving your key objectives.

In this one-day program, David Grad and Karen Kaufman will identify, discuss and practice the key components of effective leadership communication with participants. You will learn how mindset and self-awareness can help create an environment more conducive to developing empowered relationships. You will also practice a proven framework for developing communication that enables you to better articulate your vision, provide clear direction, win buy-in and enable your team to drive greater impact.


Program Date:

  • To be announced


Promises of the Program

  • You will understand the connection between communication, leadership impressions, relationships - and how together they impact your ability to drive results.
  • You will understand what being a strategic communicator means.
  • You will learn how to be more persuasive.
  • You will learn how your mindset and listening impacts your ability to connect, inspire and instill confidence in others.
  • You will learn a framework for communicating strategically.

Karen's ability to empower us into transformational leaders is very valuable.”

David's strategic communication expertise and background helped me to refine my message.”


The fee for the all day program is $1275.00 per person.  For companies of 3 or more attendees, the fee is $1100 per person.  The program includes: continental breakfast, a business luncheon experience and a personal video.



The program is held at the Pyramid Club on top of the Mellon Bank Center, 1735 Market Street, 52nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA.



David Grad, M.S.

David Grad, M.S.David Grad brings the skills of a strategic communication consultant, executive producer, actor and corporate leader to his work as a facilitator and leadership coach. His multidisciplinary training and over 20 years of professional experience has provided him with a diverse array of perspectives, informing his understanding of the many dynamic elements necessary for more fully embodying the role of a leader, strengthening one's leadership presence and communicating more effectively.

Synthesizing his prior experiences in the disciplines of acting, leadership and strategic communication, David, Sr. Consultant, The Kaufman Partnership facilitates executive presence programs and coaches leaders and emerging leaders to better understand the perceptual, cognitive, behavioral and emotional factors that support the role of leadership. His expertise in strategic communication and storytelling enables him to coach his clients to influence, inspire and more authentically connect with the many stakeholders critical to their success, the success of their teams and organizations.

A frequent speaker, David is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Values-Based Leadership for the Master's program in Impact-Focused Business and Investing at Glasgow Caledonian University. He holds an M.S. in Strategic Communication from Columbia University, B.A.'s in both Mass Communication and Theatre from Florida State University, and graduated from the 2-year acting program at the prestigious William Esper Studio in New York City.


Karen Kaufman, MSOD

Karen KaufmanKaren co-founded The Kaufman Partnership with Donald Kaufman in 1985. Karen is an Executive Coach, Consultant and Keynote Speaker specializing in Impression and Relationship Management. Her goal is to create an environment of trust and intimacy so clients can explore and accelerate their leadership capacity, enabling them to leverage their impact and produce extraordinary outcomes for their organizations. Her coaching expertise includes executive presence and presentation, organizational dynamics, leadership acceleration and organizational transformation.

Karen is a contributing author for six books including the topics of executive leadership, communication, executive appearance and women in partnership. Published works include: “Role Development for Doctoral Advanced Nursing Practices, “Women in Partnership", “Female Body A Head to Toe Guide to Good Health and Body Care at Any Age”, “Work Sister Work – How Black Women Can Get Ahead in Today’s Business Environment, “Selling the Right Way, and “Before You Say A Word”.

Karen coaches executives and talented leaders in large-scale healthcare systems, global manufacturing companies, technology, the pharmaceutical industry, international financial services firms and global specialty chemical companies. Working closely with corporate clients, she develops custom programs to supplement their existing leadership development curriculum. Karen earned a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Philadelphia University.



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For questions, email To offer this program as a supplement to your leadership program, call Karen Kaufman at 215-592-9709.