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The Executive View Radio Program

Recently, we had the opportunity to be guests on Philadelphia radio show, The Executive View (WWDB-AM in Philadelphia). Our hosts, Phyllis Smith and Anthony Clifton, generated a thoughtful inquiry into our area of expertise. We were asked to share our knowledge on Impression Management, including what it means, and what is the value of making favorable leadership impressions on others.

In our discussion we shared personal anecdotes and real-world examples of how effective Impression Management is necessary to create confidence for interacting with others. The Kaufman Partnership, Ltd. consults businesses and individuals in enhancing and focusing on leadership skills through Impression and Leadership Management. In our consulting we distinguish 24 Impression Factors giving people the depth of understanding to alter the impressions they make.

Listen to why Impression Management is important in today’s workplace:


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You can learn more about our upcoming one-day Impression Management for Leaders seminar by visiting our website at http://kpartners.com/imfl_oe.php

2 comments on “The Executive View Radio Program”

  1. This was a lovely interview. I enjoyed the easy, articulate style of all presenters. I especially believe what you, Karen, said about how we feel around people is the biggest takeaway, basically. People remember the feeling and maybe not even what we actually said. So much communication goes on unconsciously with body language, tone of voice.

    I just really enjoyed this back and forth today. Thank you for sharing it.

    Mary Jane Hurley Brant, M.S., CGP

    1. Mary Jane,
      Thank you for listening and your kind remarks. All of us make decisions based on many of these signals. It makes a real difference to learn what they are.

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