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Introducing the New
2-Day Kaufman Leadership Series

November 15-16, 2018

The 2-day Kaufman Leadership Series, bundles our one-day foundational  program, “The Factors of Leadership” with our one-day leadership communication program, “The Strategic Communicator.”

In an interactive and high-energy environment on day 1, Karen Kaufman and David Grad will facilitate a dynamic program to engage the participants as they prepare to elevate their roles. The Kaufman Impression Management System® will be introduced and used as a framework to identify and define key impression factors and to assess individual impression assets and impression needs. This will allow each participant in the program to take a more proactive and positive approach to managing his or her impressions and relationships to enhance their leadership presence.

“The Strategic Communicator” will build on the transformational work done in Day 1. Participants will learn about the impact of emotions on their leadership communication and practice techniques to help them create an environment more conducive to developing healthy relationships with their teams. They will also learn and practice a proven framework for communicating more strategically, enabling them to better articulate their vision, provide clear direction, win buy-in and empower their teams to drive greater impact. While both programs are meant to be able to stand alone, they have been developed to compliment one another.

Detailed information about each program:
The Factors of Leadership
The Strategic Communicator 




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