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By Don Kaufman, MSOD and Karen Kaufman, MSOD, Co-founders, The Kaufman Partnership




All relationships begin with an impression, some positive, some negative and some ambivalent. This we know. But what many people fail to realize is that they can actually learn how to manage their impression more effectively to create golden business opportunities.

The Kaufman Partnership assists their clients in maximizing The Six Principles of Impression Management that have helped them advance their careers:

You are never perceived in a neutral way, you are always making an impression. People believe what they see — your dress, grooming, posture and poise are powerful non-verbal signals. Ask yourself: “is my visual presence consistent with my role?” For example, if you want to cultivate new business for your organization or firm, do you look appropriate for your role and industry?   Have you invested in your appearance in the same way that you have updated your technical skills?

Success is determined by the perceptions created in the mind of yourself and others. The impression you project will never be clear and consistent if your self-image is unfocused. It is important to identify and eliminate any negative distractions as you progress in your career. The expectations are greater for executive roles. Everything you say and do is being scrutinized and is an example of your leadership style.

Impression Management can be learned through goal-directed activities. Savvy professionals realize that one’s impression is an evolving process. Goal directed activities can be learned. The Kaufman Impression Management System® identifies and defines the 24 impression factors that are most highly correlated with a confident leadership impression. We often find that individuals take their impression assets for granted and under-value them in developing business relationships. By identifying your natural strengths and talents you can apply them to your needs. Ask yourself “Do I represent my capabilities accurately?”

Impression Management is a prerequisite for meaningful relationships. In this busy world, we can easily overlook the simple courtesies that make a positive, lasting impression. When was the last time you sent a written thank-you note or told someone the difference he or she has made to your career or life? How often do you give someone your undivided attention, showing that they are important? People want to be with and do business with those they know will listen to their needs and address their concerns. Beware… our mobile devices are a seductive distraction.

By managing your impression, you manage the relationship. Relationships are fragile. Being aware of and sensitive to this fact will allow us to take greater care and responsibility for what we say and what we do. Unfortunately, we can’t retract our words or actions.   How often have we wished we could? We build our relationships one conversation and one deed at a time.

When you alter your impression, you alter your relationships. One way to evolve as a productive professional is to become more self-aware. It is only through awareness that progressive development is possible.  More organizations than ever before provide opportunities for employees to gain feedback on how they are perceived by others. If that is not the case for you, then seek input from others whose opinions you value. While rarely comfortable, feedback allows people to gain new insights that allow you to alter your behavior.

Business professionals who learn how to manage their impression find themselves building productive and satisfying relationships that improve their golden business opportunities.

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