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2016 Goal –
Mastering Leadership Presence

How would mastering leadership presence open new career opportunities for you in 2016?

For many of our clients, professional improvement is an on-going commitment. To achieve greater executive presence, there needs to be consistency in communicating favorable leadership impressions. This consistency begins with our foundational program “Impression Management for Leaders™”, which many of you have participated in. This program allows you to take command of the impression you make. We are pleased to now offer an advanced program to take the skills acquired in “Impression Management for Leaders™” to the next level by increasing executive and leadership presence in “Mastering Leadership Presence™”. When you have mastered executive presence, you have an elevated leadership style that projects confidence, poise, authenticity and gravitas. In complex business and social situations, you are able to navigate with ease and confidence. You are able to maintain poise under pressure, you are mindful of how others see you, you can collaborate easily and be decisive when necessary. You are aware of the relationship dynamics to move the strategy forward. Being outwardly focused minimizes self-consciousness and allows you to be present to the verbal and non-verbal messages being conveyed. In order to reach your career goals and increase your executive presence for 2016, learn more about our one day seminar on “Mastering Leadership Presence™” offered either in-house or open enrollment . For individual Executive Presence Consultations, contact Karen Kaufman at 215-592-9709; email kk@kpartners.com By Impression and Relationship Management Experts – Don Kaufman, MS, Organizational Dynamics and Karen Kaufman, MS, Organizational Dynamics, Co-founders, The Kaufman Partnership